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50 Innovative companies to watch: Silicon Review pulishes article about Can Do’s AI-based software for project- and resource management in the cloud

The business models of many companies are subject to increasing competitive pressure due to the advancing digitalization of the market. They are struggling with changing customer demands for speed and quality in processing their requests, and they need good people to do so.

At the same time, the shortage of skilled workers is once again becoming one of the most important topics in recruiting. To respond to this, companies can do two things: they buy the experts on the market, which is difficult on the one hand and really expensive on the other. Or, much better: they develop their own employees – on time, continuously and needs-optimized!

For this, information from skill-based resource planning offers good orientation, as it reveals the current skills of a company and possible gaps in demand.

Recently, Silicon Review published an article about the leading AI-based project and resource management in the Cloud from Can Do.

Read Silicon Review's article, here!