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Can Do Software Impresses in PPM Tools Practical Tests

2. PPM Tools Pratical Test 2013 with focus on resource management

  • Can Do software took first place in the 2nd PPM tools field test 2013, in both the “Strategic Resource Management” and “PPM Cockpit” categories
  • The project management tool from Can Do also attained “Best Evaluation” for planning with concrete personnel resources and skills-oriented resource planning

2nd PPM tools field test 2013 in Zurich and was voted the best solution in two of four main categories. In the categories “Strategic Resource Management” and “PPM Cockpit”, the Can Do software was chosen by participants as the most powerful tool.

In the PPM tools field test on 20 November 2013, the CSP AG, a consulting company that specialises in the area of portfolio management, among other things, invited nine renowned software companies to present their solutions to a professional audience. The main emphasis of the field tests for project portfolio management tools was resource management, which was assessed by the professional audience according to 60 criteria.

In the category “Strategic Resource Management”, Can Do’s project management software was voted the most powerful solution in, among others, the criteria “Project Prioritisation”, “Scenario Development and Portfolio Simulation” and “PPM Planning & Roadmap Determination”. In the category “PPM Cockpit”, Can Do was particularly convincing with its “Assessment of Resource-related Risks” and “Analysis and Solution of Resource Conflicts”. The specialist audience also voted Can Do’s software as the most impressive PPM tool in other categories, such as “Skills-oriented Resource Planning” and “Planning of Specific Personnel Resources”.

The summary of the PPM tools field test reports that Can Do offers some exciting solutions in the area of resource planning and that, particularly on the management level, the tool offers some very valuable services.*

Please find the full report by the CSP AG here. (German only)

* © 2014, CSP AG: „PPM-Tools Praxistest 2013 Fokus Ressourcenmanagement – Bericht zum 2. Schweizer PPM-Tools Praxistest“