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Innovative project portfolio management by Can Do

New version of project management software by Can Do is an efficient instrument for the controlling of projects and portfolios. Bubble charts, in which all project data is taken into account in real time, help with analysis and monitoring of project portfolios.

Can Do, the solution provider for project management will, among other things, present comprehensive functions for project portfolio management (PPM) in the upcoming new version of the software Can Do Project Intelligence 4.0. Users are able to create and manage project portfolios and simulate different scenarios in familiar clarity and simplicity via mouse click. Can Do offers portfolio managers an instrument with which they can select the right projects – meaning projects which are in accordance with the company strategy respectively, are feasible from a financial and capacitative point of view.

Portfolio manager determines valuation standards himself
Can Do Project Intelligence 4.0 is not predetermined on a method for the evaluation of the content of projects but offers companies, portfolio and project managers the option to set their own priorities. Here the method of ”balanced scorecards“ could for example be applied , in which various projects get a certain score in self-defined categories. Likewise the portfolio can be judged regarding the profitability of individual projects. The PPM software allows the user to enter values in freely definable fields and for any desired amount to individually create standards for the evaluation.



Project simulation on the highest level
In addition to the evaluation of the content, the planning tool from Can Do also simulates the feasibility of projects in portfolios. First and foremost, the feasibility depends on the available resources and the financial capabilities of the company. During the creation of a project idea, Can Do Project Intelligence 4.0 already considers the utilisation of resources for all projects of the portfolio, their actual times (confirmed working time) and all other capacity requirements within the portfolio. The PPM software is also able to record and process vaguely planned deadlines, durations and expenses. After all, it is not possible to accurately plan project ideas or offers in their developmental phase.

Ideal portfolio management for executive board
New and ongoing projects are established individually and simultaneously in the portfolios. That way, a connection between the individual projects can be created. Furthermore milestones like “supervisory board meetings“ can be incorporated. So it is possible to connect projects with important events and monitor them.

Bubble charts – portfolio analysis in real time
Bubble charts for analysis respectively for controlling of project portfolios are displayed in Can Do Project Intelligence 4.0 in the graphic client parallel to the chronological display of the portfolio. The risk of this project is represented on the x-axis, the value or benefit on the y-axis and the size of the bubbles reflects the amount of effort or cost. The bubble chart is updated continuously throughout all data changes in real time. Not only does this apply to the changes the portfolio manager makes in his portfolio, but Can Do Project Intelligence 4.0 also considers all data of the running projects in real time as well. This feature enables the Can Do software to not only becomes a complete portfolio system, but it can also be used as a control station for all projects.

In addition to the functions listed here, Can Do Project Intelligence 4.0 offers additional new features in the area of project management as well as in the area of project portfolio management. Can Do will be publishing further information about the new features of version 4.0 shortly. Can Do Project Intelligence 4.0 will be published during the third quarter of 2010.