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Thomas Schlereth, CEO

Thomas Schlereth is the founder and co-CEO of Can Do GmbH. As a qualified IT specialist, he has extensive experience in software planning and design as well as project management and consulting at top management level.

He has held various management positions, including as project management director at CAI Systemhaus GmbH and as a strategic consultant in the role of CEO at Columbus Consulting GmbH, which later became Columbus AG. Schlereth, who is a recognised expert in project and portfolio management, has published several specialised articles on project management, resource planning and risk management and is a regular speaker at specialised events. As a member of the management team, Thomas Schlereth is responsible for the operational management of the Can Do GmbH development department and heads up the planning, design and ongoing development of Can Do’s multi-award winning software.

Jens Steinbicker, Managing Director

Jens Steinbicker holds degrees in precision engineering and industrial engineering. He has many years’ management experience in the IT and software industries.

He has held a number of management positions in the areas of sales, marketing and business development at various companies including Siemens Business Services (SBS), Accenture, CGI (formerly Logica) and CAST. Steinbicker, who is a proven sales strategist, has also worked as managing director and board member within international management teams. His missions in previous positions included growing company business in the German-speaking countries as well as building strategic partner networks involving BCG, PwC, Capgemini, Fraunhofer and others. As a member of the management team, Jens Steinbicker is responsible for defining and implementing corporate strategy at Can Do GmbH. He is also in charge of ensuring the company achieves its operational goals.