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New software version of Cando Project Intelligence

The new version 3.1 is a important release over the previous version 3.0 and offers several new competitive features and a large number of product enhancements. “Can Do has always tried to satisfy the stringent requirements of its users and the market. With the innovations in the new version 3.1, Can Do is providing its customers with real value for their investment”, explained Thomas Schlereth, Can Do-CEO.

Organizational Resource Capacity Planning
This is the most technically advanced feature in the 3.1 version and widens Can Do’s reach into the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) arena. One can now assign an entire department in the organization as a virtual resource to a Work Package or a Phase. Can Do performs an instant risk analysis of whether or not the department is overloaded with regards to the individual assignments of its members in other Work Packages or Phases. If there is a measurable risk of an assignment overload, it will be displayed and reported to the Project Planner. This allows for strategic long range planning within a single project or a portfolio of projects, and allows the Project Planner to analyse the resource availability of a given department early enough to make the required assignment changes.

New Embedded Help System – “Zero cost of ownership”
Can Do’s new embedded Help System is designed to provide “Zero cost of ownership” with its product. This will bring tremendous value to its current customer base and will be a significant selling point to new and potential customers.

To underscore Can Do’s entry and commitment to the U.S. market, Can Do 3.1 has expanded its internationalisation. Can Do now fully supports both the U.S. and European date formats and monetary symbols and the language character sets of German, English, French and Czechoslovakian.

Text Layout Manager
In this newest version of Can Do, the user can now choose, whether or not, to have the Work Package names displayed inside the Package boundaries or fully displayed outside and above the Package thus providing a much better overview of the entire Project.