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PPM field test 2016 certifies Can Do’s considerable strengths in resource management

The Swiss CSP AG invited Can Do to attend the PPM Tools Test

As was shown by the latest evaluation of the 3rd PPM Tools Field Test, conducted by the Swiss CSP AG, the Munich-based Can Do GmbH has once again successfully demonstrated its role as the leading solutions provider in the field of resource management. The integral tool and “complete package” for portfolio management was rated by the participants, as a very systematic solution.

The practice-oriented assessment of 10 PPM solutions was conducted in Zurich by participants from the fields of service delivery, public administration, healthcare, industry and commerce and business consultancies, in autumn 2016. Can Do achieved universally good results in the three levels, namely Management Cockpit, PPM Cockpit und Project Cockpit.

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Can Do impresses with its resource management

Both the resource and investment requirements planning tools and the simulation of resource needs with plan variations and employee skill requirements, were evaluated particularly positively. Similarly, the reconciliation of resource requirements and capacity, the organization-wide resource overview and the identification of key resources all delivered good results in the field test. On the project level, participants were impressed by the comparability of project resource requirements and capacities and the reallocation of resources in the case of deviations from the plan. The technical integration capabilities of the solution were also highlighted.

Thomas Schlereth, director and founder
Can Do GmbH

“We are pleased with the good evaluation in resource management, As a standard software developer, we are able to customize our software very precisely, to meet the specific needs of our clients. Thanks to the app model, with its tiled layout, our clients can work quickly and easily with our software.”

With its self-developed Watermodel® algorithm, Can Do offers a dynamic capacity aligning process, which allows optimal deployment of personnel. In so doing, the intelligent resource management tool takes realistic and therefore inaccurate values such as “effort: 20 to 25 personnel days” into account.

The report on the PPM field test 2016 conducted by CSP AG can be ordered on the CSP website with immediate effect.