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Plan the future
as precisely as reality

Our artificial intelligence ensures that planning errors,
unpredictable risks and project schedule overruns
are a thing of the past.


Watch our video and experience Can Do in action

See how Can Do lets you manage more projects with higher success rates and less effort.


Always work with your dream team

With Can Do, you decide when and for how long you need your team members - but also the skills they should bring to the project.

Learn more about Resource & Skill Management

Discussion in the project team | Project management software

Plan accurately - even with info you don't yet know

Can Do is the only project management solution that lets you use realistic but vague parameters in a resilient and accurate project plan.

Get deeper insight in our project management functionality

Projektportfolio_Planung mit unscharfen Parametern

Remove the word 'problem' from your vocabulary

In a few milliseconds, Can Do runs through countless scenarios, analyzes risks in real time, and shows you how to eliminate them.

Become a professional risk manager


Software that has exactly what you need

Can Do consists of multiple apps that can be combined depending on your role in the company - that way, you only get what you need for your everyday work. You'll need less time to learn it and won't be overloaded with a bunch of unnecessary functions. Plus: if your job spec changes, you simply change the apps you need.

Get a step ahead of your competitors

Can Do helps you grow your company in a goal-oriented way

  • Identify and leverage opportunities - AI supports you with clear recommendations for action
  • No more nasty surprises - Real-time information ensures you always know what's going on
  • Make your staff more efficient - Make planning errors a thing of the past
More advantages for Company managers
Trust in recommendations for action | Project management software

Get more popular with your colleagues

With Can Do, you're providing software everyone wants to use

  • Enable more flexibility - The cloud lets you work from any location
  • Support familiar applications - A wide range of interfaces lets you integrate Can Do with your existing systems
  • Reduce costs - Save money with simple licenses and little need for training
More advantages for IT managers
Arbeiten mit Can Do ohne Schulungsaufwand| Schnittstellen Projektmanagement Software

Advise your customers on state-of-the-art technology

With Can Do, you'll boost the trust your customers have in you

  • Increase your credibility - Extensive analyses make your assertions more precise
  • Leverage new potential - AI helps you make the best of all possible options
  • Adapt to every customer - You'll advise companies of every size and in any industry
More advantages for Consultants
Innovative Beratung | Projektmanagement Software Künstliche Intelligenz

Let your team shine

Can Do helps you get more done together and with less effort

  • You're not the bottleneck any more - At -a-glance info lets you wave projects through faster
  • Make your team happier - Detect potential overloads earlier and eliminate them
  • Give the right answer to every question - Get all the key indicators in real time
More advantages for Team Leads
Weniger Überlastungen, mehr Erfolg | Projektmanagement Software Projektportfoliomanagement Linie

Make yourself more successful

Can Do helps you drive forward your projects - and your career

  • Get more done in less time - Plan properly right from the outset so you don't have to keep making changes
  • Show how successful your projects are - You always have all the key analyses and reports at your fingertips
  • Plan the ongoing development of your team - Give your team strategic training in skills that are going to be in demand
More advantages for Project managers
Erfolgreiche Projekte mit Can Do | Projektmanagement Software | Analysen und Berichte

Have a great day at work - every day

With Can Do, complete your daily tasks with no need for overtime

  • No need for a to-do list when you go home -Your day's well organized thanks to the AI-based task list
  • Quickly check your time account - Give details of your workload based on objective information
  • Actively drive your career forward - Identify skills in high demand and get some strategic training in them
More advantages for Project team members
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Be well-equipped for every project phase

Can Do reduces the need for time-consuming project plan updates, optimizes your resource deployments, minimizes risks, and delivers clear analyses.

Can Do Kundenreferenzen

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That's what our customers say about Can Do Software!

More Customer References

"We want to do more cross-departmental projects, which will facilitate universal, skill-based resource planning across different departments."

Axel Mattern
PMO Director


"We compared departments to see how well they met deadlines. The result couldn't be clearer. Those using Can Do meet deadlines significantly better than those that aren't yet using Can Do!"

Paul-Gerhard Völpel
Head of Engineering


"We run AI-based risk analyses on the portfolio level, which helps us optimize our portfolio management."

Luigi Bianco
Project Manager, PMO

Bankhaus Metzler

"By taking skills into account in our capacity planning, we're able to further improve our service quality and work more productively."

Josef Marchner



"We work in a totally agile environment and with Can Do we're able to plan with incomplete data. So I can enter whole time periods and don't need to nail my plan down to fixed dates."

Helge Poel
Director Security & Compliance

Lotto 24

"Using Can Do, we now keep track of things better and have a realistic view of the projects our teams have time to work on. That helps us better manage our line departments' expectations."

Dominic Mosig
Director IT Project Management Office

BayWa IT GmbH

With the Can Do interface to Salesforce, we can immediately see which projects are feasible from the resource perspective and target these during the project acquisition process."

Bernhard Schwarzmaier

Artemis Innovations GmbH

"The ability to control resource planning digitally has proven to be an added value in every case, as we have been able to react flexibly to constraints. In my experience and conviction, knowledge of the resources in the company, the available skills and their utilization are key to successful projects and economic continuity."

Maic Ungermann,
Member of the Management Board,


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Let the numbers do the talking

Can Do lets you plan accurately so you don't need to keep making changes - and that saves you several hours that you can spend on other tasks.

Time saving in the planning of projects & teams
Time savings through AI-supported risk management
Planning accuracy despite incomplete data

From now on, every project will be a successful project!

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