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14.01.2021  | 4 min

Project controlling is an important part of project management

Projects - whether small and simple or large and complex - are not self-runners. They must be competently planned, [...]
12.01.2021  | 2 min

Status quo Agile. What about agile methods?

How widespread and how successful are agile methods? This is the second time that GPM Deutsche Gesellschaft für [...]
12.01.2021  | 2 min

Agile project management software - benefits for project teams and companies

Modern business life has changed for virtually all companies. Many decisions, especially in project management, must be [...]
06.01.2021  | 5 min

Holiday planning software - how to organize your holiday quickly and easily

How to keep track of your employees' holidays easily and safely with the holiday planning software. 
29.12.2020  | 4 min

Project costs: How to keep track and control of your expenses

Deadline pressure and tight budget - these are the conditions that many project managers are familiar with. However, to [...]
29.12.2020  | 3 min

Project environment analysis - How to correctly collect and assess expectations

06.11.2020  | 

Digitization leads project managers into top management

Digitization is on everyone's lips and is characterized as a disruptive event. In a guest article for the IAPM [...]
06.11.2020  | 2 min

Project management, rugby and agile project planning

What do project management and rugby have in common? Not too much at first sight. In rugby, if there are minor rule [...]
06.11.2020  | 3 min

Putting together a powerful project team - tips & tricks

Every experienced project manager knows how important the project team is in the execution of a project. This applies [...]
06.11.2020  | 2 min

Interview with MSM.digital: A good overview of the availability and skills of employees is extremely helpful during economic fluctuations

Unplanned changes in the economy cause fluctuations in personnel requirements. It is therefore important for companies [...]
06.11.2020  | 5 min

Agile project management - Scrum the most popular method

The question "Agile or classic project management?" could currently be answered with a wink of the eye with "yes": Only [...]
06.11.2020  | 2 min

Which methods for risk analysis you should know

Get to know the most important risk analysis methods in order to identify and evaluate the risks for the project and to [...]