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06.01.2021  | 

Guest article: Tooling in hybrid project management

The development from the conventional staff, line or matrix organization to the agile project organization demands fast [...]
06.01.2021  | 3 min

Skill Management Software - What expertise will be in demand tomorrow need not remain a secret!

With the right skill management software to professional skill management, so that your projects are always optimally [...]
06.01.2021  | 5 min

Holiday planning software - how to organize your holiday quickly and easily

How to keep track of your employees' holidays easily and safely with the holiday planning software. 
06.11.2020  | 1 min

Hybrid project management as a basis for digital project planning

The cooperation of IDV AG with Can Do in the field of nearshore projects was the topic of yesterday's expert [...]
06.11.2020  | 3 min

Resource Management Tool - how does it help your company?

Managing resources properly is a challenge. The optimally suited resource management tool provides the appropriate [...]
06.11.2020  | 3 min

How to put together an outstanding project team - Tips & Tricks

The composition of the project team is of crucial importance when implementing a project. 
06.11.2020  | 4 min

How to generate individual reports in real-time with integrated project reporting

How to generate individual reports in real-time with integrated project reporting 
06.11.2020  | 4 min

By dividing your project into project management phases you simplify the target-oriented project process

The subdivision of a project into project management phases helps you as a manager to organize and control your project [...]