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06.01.2021  | 3 min

Skill Management Software - What expertise will be in demand tomorrow need not remain a secret!

With the right skill management software to professional skill management, so that your projects are always optimally [...]
29.12.2020  | 3 min

Project environment analysis - How to correctly collect and assess expectations

06.11.2020  | 3 min

Meeting challenges in resource management with ease

The correct use of resources is listed in almost all project management studies as a central success factor for [...]
06.11.2020  | 1 min

BayWa IT optimizes portfolio planning with AI-supported demand process

The IT service provider BayWa IT GmbH decided in 2018 to use the project management software Can Do. Here you can read [...]
06.11.2020  | 3 min

Why demand management is particularly relevant in IT

Demand management in IT - significance and challenges  Functioning demand management is a necessity in every company. [...]
06.11.2020  | 3 min

Strategic project portfolio management with Can Do software

Customers' requirements are changing, especially in terms of speed and quality in meeting their needs. This development [...]
06.11.2020  | 1 min

Lotto24 plans realistically and visualizes all project activities with Can Do

In order to carry out the portfolio analysis for the entire company, Lotto24 2019 has set out to find a flexible [...]
06.11.2020  | 3 min

Program management - managing multiple projects in parallel

Rarely does a company engage in a single, simple and straightforward project over a long period of time. In the vast [...]
06.11.2020  | 1 min

Powerful, innovative and motivating: Can Do in the PPM practical test 2019 / 2020

Already for the fourth time in a row the Swiss CSP AG organized the PPM practical test. Nine project portfolio [...]
06.11.2020  | 6 min

COVID-19: Make your project portfolio crisis-proof! We present the zero-based project prioritization as a solution

"Making the best out of it": In Corona times, this is an empty phrase for many - but for responsible project portfolio [...]
06.11.2020  | 2 min

Which methods for risk analysis you should know

Get to know the most important risk analysis methods in order to identify and evaluate the risks for the project and to [...]
06.11.2020  | 3 min

How to put together an outstanding project team - Tips & Tricks

The composition of the project team is of crucial importance when implementing a project.