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06.11.2020  | 1 min

Skill management: next generation resource planning

Project management software from Can Do enables resource planning based on skills Software takes skill combinations [...]
06.11.2020  | 1 min

Lotto24 plans realistically and visualizes all project activities with Can Do

In order to carry out the portfolio analysis for the entire company, Lotto24 2019 has set out to find a flexible [...]
06.11.2020  | 6 min

COVID-19: Make your project portfolio crisis-proof! We present the zero-based project prioritization as a solution

"Making the best out of it": In Corona times, this is an empty phrase for many - but for responsible project portfolio [...]
06.11.2020  | 2 min

Which methods for risk analysis you should know

Get to know the most important risk analysis methods in order to identify and evaluate the risks for the project and to [...]
06.11.2020  | 3 min

Resource Management Tool - how does it help your company?

Managing resources properly is a challenge. The optimally suited resource management tool provides the appropriate [...]
06.11.2020  | 3 min

How to put together an outstanding project team - Tips & Tricks

The composition of the project team is of crucial importance when implementing a project. 
06.11.2020  | 4 min

How to generate individual reports in real-time with integrated project reporting

How to generate individual reports in real-time with integrated project reporting 
06.11.2020  | 4 min

By dividing your project into project management phases you simplify the target-oriented project process

The subdivision of a project into project management phases helps you as a manager to organize and control your project [...]
06.11.2020  | 3 min

Get to know the most important project management methods

In order to plan, control and implement a project correctly, the selection of the appropriate project management [...]