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Can Do’s Project Management Software in the J.J. Sietas Shipyard

Full speed ahead

When it comes to Container Ship building the J.J. Sietas shipyard in Hamburg, Germany ranks among the most successful ship builders, in its class, in the world. In the face of stiff international competition, the most important success factors for this 372 year old family run business are modern high quality construction, innovation and above all else, strictly keeping to delivery schedules as promised. In order to increase their competitive advantage, Sietas decided to implement modern project and resource management methodologies in its ship building process. This is why Sietas chose the project management solution Can Do Project Intelligence from Can Do GmbH.

Can Do’s integrated Enterprise Resource Planning tools and intelligent resource capacity leveling, provide Sietas with complete oversight of resource allocation and the reported effort of the over 900 workers in the shipyard. This allows Sietas to quickly react to any delays or conflicts, by shifting resources effectively to the problem area. Sietas can now reliably manage current ship building projects, as well as, plan and manage new projects extending one to two years in the future with complete control.

After an initial test phase in 2006, the company is now ramping up to a full company wide implementation in 2007. Since the beginning of 2007 Sietas is already reported significantly better productivity and project control.