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Can Do enhances the functionality of its project management software

Easy to use & highly efficient in its application

The new version of the project and portfolio management software allows for project templates to be created from project phases and parts. In addition, forward and backward scheduling simplifies planning of projects.

Can Do, provider of solutions for project management, introduces an even simpler and at the same time more efficient version of its software with its Can Do Project Intelligence 4.0. Among other features, Can Do enhances working with project templates. Can Do’s templates enable users to save entire projects and individual objects such as work packages or milestones. In the process, resources, rights and other details with regards to targets and activities are integrated into the templates. In the new version of the planning software, the templates function is expanded by subprojects and phases, from which a new project can then be created – by simply dragging and dropping. In this way, Can Do simplifies handling of project flows that repeat themselves in daily project work and thus increases the efficiency of project managers.

Planning projects with backward and forward scheduling
Can Do enhances the use of project templates with the “backward and forward scheduling” function. With Can Do Project Intelligence 4.0, project managers can simply drag the built project components and templates onto the fully graphic desktop using “drag & drop” and then decide whether the template should be scheduled forwards (start of the project) or backwards (end of the project) at the click of a mouse. Scheduling of project templates has never been this easy.

“Super copy” for regularly occurring operations and decisions
Can Do Project Intelligence 4.0 now also boasts the new “super copy” function. This command allows for work packages and milestones that are to regularly appear in a project to be integrated at the click of a mouse. In doing so, the time frame, period (e.g. weekly, monthly, quarterly etc.) or the amount of times the package should be created or copied can be chosen freely.

Can Do’s project planning and controlling software will in the future allow for the integration of objects from different projects. In this way, functional or schedule-related relationships that reach across projects can be reflected. In addition, set time frames can be defined when linking projects. This is very useful when, for example, set delivery times in a project plan need to be taken into consideration. If the defined time frame that was saved when two project objects were linked is cut short because one of the objects was moved, the software reflects this risk by means of a red warning light.

Apart from the functions listed here, Can Do Project Intelligence 4.0 offers additional new features, both on the project management as well as on the project portfolio management side. Can Do will publish additional information about the new features of version 4.0 soon. Can Do Project Intelligence 4.0 is set to be released during the course of the third quarter 2010.