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Can Do integrates with JIRA: win-win situation for JIRA teams and project managers

Can Do, provider of the eponymous project management software, has developed an interface to the web application JIRA. It combines the parallel worlds of traditional resource planning in Can Do with agile software development in JIRA. The good news: nothing changes for JIRA teams! They continue to benefit from agile working with its shorter planning intervals and high level of flexibility to help them adapt to new and changed circumstances. At the same time, management gets the visibility it needs to complete projects on time and on budget by being able to visualize selected epics and user stories within the Can Do project plan.

“It’s a high art to enable teams to work in agile development projects with more independence, flexibility and manageable planning horizons, while simultaneously ensuring that the agile projects don’t split off from strategic goals and take on a life of their own,” said Thomas Schlereth, Development Director at Can Do GmbH. There is still a lot to be said for traditional project planning, including project prioritization, budget and staff allocation, as it helps manage the business efficiently. “But teams don’t want to enter data in two different systems – JIRA and Can Do,” explains Schlereth. “It’s just too much work and not a good use of their time. That’s why we’ve developed an interface that enables customers to combine epics and the associated stories in a completed JIRA sprint with Can Do and visualize the result as a work package for project planning.” This ensures that project managers are always up to speed on resource and budget utilization and can connect to as many scrum projects as they want for the information they need. However, nothing changes for developers.

Project managers can see resource utilization with the subtraction feature. This shows them how much of the calculated time budget has been used up and how much time is still available for the completion of the stories – whether for a whole team or one person. The feedback can be handled in different ways depending on the company’s philosophy. If it requires complete time planning for its staff that takes into account their basic load, absences for training courses or vacation time, and their workload from the stories, the JIRA team members can report their hours using the Can Do employee app. This is a very useful solution that saves a lot of time, especially when hours need to be assigned manually to a certain system’s projects or order numbers to record time and effort, as this can be carried out automatically with the Can Do interface.

The Can Do interface to JIRA is currently in beta test and is planned for release in June 2018.

About Can Do Can Do is the leading provider of solutions for people management in the context of capacity and skills planning. Founded in 2000 and managed by its owner, the software company helps midsized companies and groups across all industries plan their projects in the light of the availability and skills of their staff. The standard software is used for holiday planning and staff deployment as well as basic capacity and resource planning in a multi-project management environment. It interlinks companies’ corporate strategy with their staff management and puts a particular focus on staff development.

Can Do GmbH is based in Munich and its customers include Gothaer Versicherung, Salzgitter AG, the Oerlikon group and many more.

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