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Can Do proceeds with the integration of line organisation

  • Project management software with planning function for department heads
  • Convenient human resources planning: Planning and controlling of non-project-oriented tasks

The project management solutions company Can Do is systematically proceeding with the integration of line organisation into the functions of its planning software. In Version 5.0 of the project management software, which will be released in April, Can Do makes a tabular human resources planning solution available, with which non-project-oriented tasks, in particular, can be planned, controlled and evaluated in a convenient manner. This function is suitable for both the planning of periodic tasks, such as maintenance and basic loads, and the planning of simple tasks and staff holidays. The use of the tabular human resources planning option enables the user to fall back on a large number of familiar table functions. This new feature was conceived primarily with the needs and requests of department and team leaders in mind. Can Do thereby systematically proceeds with the integration of line organisation into its project management software.

Human resources planning, along with the staffer, is a second function area that has been especially developed for the requirements of line organisation. Although projects and project-oriented work are taking on an ever-increasing level of significance within companies, many project leaders do not have their own project personnel. They are thus dependent on the cooperation of the department heads and on whether these are willing to put qualified staff at their disposal. With its staffer, Can Do has already significantly simplified the coordination process for the request and approval of staff for projects, also making it considerably more transparent. With its human resources planning, Can Do provides a planning instrument with which professional tasks can be planned and controlled. The Watermodel®, which was developed by Can Do, is a dynamic capacity comparison process that enables optimal deployment of resources. With the inclusion of professional tasks of the various departments into the project management software from Can Do, overlapping resource management becomes more efficient and the opportunities for collaboration become more diverse.

In addition to human resources planning, Can Do has developed new functions for Version 5.0 of its project management software, and has linked the strategic planning of a portfolio to realistic resource management. Furthermore, the entire user interface of the software has been redesigned according to the latest ergonomic knowledge. Version 5.0 of the Can Do software will be released in April and delivered to clients in stages.

Can Do grants you a preview of the new functions in the area of project portfolio management with its webinar “Strategic Portfolio Planning with Realistic Resource Management” on 9 April 2014.