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Can Do simplifies project analyses and departmental planning with TableView

  • In addition to a Gantt chart representation of projects, Can Do also offers department heads and project managers a tabular work interface.
  • Carry out project analyses and compile reports easily with one click of the mouse.

Carrying out project analyses and compiling reports simply with a click of the mouse! This is made even easier with the latest version of Can Do’s project management software. The new TableView function offers project managers and department heads numerous options for analyses using a simple mouse click, e.g. a tabular display of a project (project manager view) or all activities in a department (line manager view). TableView is available starting with Can Do project intelligence 4.4.

Using TableView, and with only one click, the department head can view all projects, phases or work packages in which his employees are active. In addition, the outlay of his department and its individual employees for a certain time frame (that can be changed as desired) is shown in the tabular display. The line manager can integrate other items into the table for analysis – for example, planned and actual costs, risks, project progress, skills requests or planned and actual outlay – thereby compiling a customised view of his department with only a few clicks.

While TableView provides the department head with an overview of the activities of his department, the project leader also receives a tabular display of his project with this new function. He can see which resources have been allocated to which project items and at what cost, he is free to set his view window as he wishes, and like the department heads, he can integrate numerous items into this view for analysis within his project.

All information in real-time
Can Do aims to develop TableView into an effective planning tool with which department heads can, for example, easily plan and manage maintenance, services, basic loads, staff holidays or routine activities. In this way it will be possible to allocate resources to the respective project items and to implement changes.

All information available in TableView is in real-time. This means that changes are shown in TableView as soon as they occur in projects. Risks are also shown in real-time. TableView naturally allows planning with realistic data and values (e.g. duration 80 – 100 days).

Resource management between project and line
Another new feature of Can Do project intelligence Version 4.4 is the Staffer® function, which eases the coordination process between the project and department leaders significantly, when requesting and approving employees for projects. The beta test of Can Do project intelligence 4.4 has been concluded and the latest release will soon be rolled out step by step.