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Can Do Skill Management makes a key contribution to digitalization!

According to the Industrie 4.0 2017 study published by IDG, a lack of skills among employees is the largest organizational hurdle for implementing Industry 4.0. Especially in the field of production, the 30% value is above average. The lack of know-how among external partners is also a problem. It is apparent that the 339 decision makers, who participated in the survey, lack the knowledge about future skill requirements that are needed in order to build up the necessary skills in companies at an early stage. A resource management plan that considers skills from the start delivers the necessary overview of the current availability of skills and provides insight regarding the required know-how. These are the issues that constitute Can Do’s mission.

By using the software from the Munich-based provider of solutions, planners can run through different scenarios and discover how many employees they have on hand and who possess the necessary skills to carry out an initiative. Gaps are immediately apparent, so companies can react and train employees according to the requirements, within the framework of the strategic personnel plan. “With our skill-based resource management tool, we create transparency and support planners in taking of inventories and defining future requirements. With this knowledge, companies can counteract their skills shortages internally and contribute actively to the design of digitalization through a proactive personnel development strategy,” is how Jens Steinbicker, director of Can Do GmbH, explains the company’s added value.

The digital shift spans all fields. Along with creativity and soft skills, there should also be sufficient technical understanding and the ability to self-manage, in order for companies to cope with future tasks.