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Can Do targets the US market

Can Do launches its Flag Ship project management software Can Do Projects Intelligence into the US market. “Made in Germany” is a label of quality that is usually more often associated with German automobiles, however, the CEO and founder of Can Do, Thomas Schlereth, believes his company’s software is the “The Project Management Software of the Future”.

The most important step in targeting the US market was to create an Internet Portal where all of the pertinent information regarding the company and its product could be presented in English.

With the recommendations and encouragement from many local business analysts, Can Do decided to split its product offering, public relations and marketing efforts into two distinct channels. The one channel would remain responsible for all current and new customers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, while the other channel would take on the new responsibility of presenting Can Do to US and international markets. Thomas Schlereth, stated that, “the U.S. market is extremely important for our international expansion strategy.” He added “The competition is very intense in the US and we want to demonstrate that our Project Management Software can compete internationally with any competitor”.

In this expansion strategy the first software roll-outs will be to the US subsidiaries of current German customers.

Thomas Schlereth further stated, very positively, that “Our goal is to have three to five new major customers in the US by the end of 2007.”