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Customer reference BayWa. Let yourself be inspired
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In order to ensure we're prioritizing properly when we're selecting projects, we need to know right from the outset whether we have enough staff with the right qualifications to work on them.
The transparency we've gained will enable us to execute projects in a controlled way and help to organize digital transformation at the BayWa group efficiently.
Dominic Mosig
IT Project Management Office Director
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From start-ups to large corporations, projects and resources need to be managed everywhere - and in the future more than ever. Read why customers from a wide range of industries are using Can Do to ensure they're well-positioned today for the business world of tomorrow.

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Enterprise-wide approach to projects, resources and skills

"We want to do more cross-departmental projects, which will facilitate universal, skill-based resource planning across different departments."
Axel Mattern, PMO Director

Plan deadlines so they can really be met

"We compared departments to see how well they met deadlines. The result couldn't be clearer. Those using Can Do meet deadlines significantly better than those that aren't yet using Can Do!"
Paul-Gerhard Völpel, Head of Engineering
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Building the best portfolio with the help of AI

"We run AI-based risk analyses on the portfolio level, which helps us optimize our portfolio management while controlling budgets and resources."
Luigi Bianco, Project Manager, PMO
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Deliver better service by including skills in capacity planning

"By taking skills into account in our capacity planning, we're able to further improve our service quality and work more productively."
Josef Marchner, CIO


Planning flexibility increases agility      

"We work in a totally agile environment and with Can Do we're able to plan with vague data. So I can enter whole time periods and don't need to nail my plan down to fixed dates."
Helge Poel, Director Security und Compliance
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Make well-founded assessments of project feasibility

"Using Can Do, we now keep track of things better and have a realistic view of the projects our teams have time to work on. That helps us better manage our line departments' expectations."
Dominic Mosig, Director IT Project Management Office
Artemis Innovations GmbH

Hybrid planning with the Jira interface

"As we mainly work in an agile environment, the existing connector between Can Do and Jira is ideally suited to our needs."
Sebastian Meier, CEO

Plan resources optimally and adapt them flexibly to project requirements

"In any case, the ability to digitally control resource planning proved to be an added value, as we were able to react flexibly to constraints".
Maic Ungermann, Member of the Management Board, MSM.digital
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Hochschule Weihenstephan

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