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Time management

Never run out of time again

Employee Suite

Overview of all tasks

Overview of your team

Overview of utilization throughout the project period

Can Do Hours_web
intelligent to-do list

More functions

Communication Center

Organize your working day more independently

The Employee+ tile extends the Me tile's function and enables you to take more responsibility for organizing your workday. You can also report your work for longer periods.

Dashboard actual times
Take action to avoid overtime

There's a speedometer on your dashboard that makes it easy to see what percentage of your time this week is already allocated to projects and how many hours you've already reported back.

Career planning with skills

Take the initiative with your training

Can Do shows you which skills are in demand now - and which will be important in the future. That way, you can develop your skills in a proactive and targeted way and make a start on your next career move.

Vacation planning

Ensure your vacation is really a vacation

With the vacation planner, you see immediately whether your vacation could cause problems in a project - especially with your coworkers - or whether the coast is clear for a few days of relaxation. Just request your vacation with a mouse click.

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• Vacation planning
• Skill management
• Employee overview

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Vacation planning with Can Do

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