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Test Can Do now!

Analyses and reports

Let data and figures do all the talking about your project

Analyses and reports: Key figures

Employees including personnel numbers

Sickness and vacation days

Advanced training

including organizational and departmental structure
Analysis and Reports: AI Report

The AI recommends what you should do:

To ignore


Theoretical overload but no problem



Everything's fine for the moment but a problem may develop

Watch closely

Observe closely

The problem is escalating but may still resolve itself



The project can't be run like that so you'll need to take countermeasures

Intervene immediately

Intervene immediately

The success of the project is in acute danger so you must take urgent action

Analysis and Reports: AI Risk Report

More features

Project status report

All project details at a glance

With the project stats report, you're always totally up to speed on all aspects of your project - from subprojects to project phases, work packages and milestones.

Actual hours dashboard

Actively avoid overtime

The speedometer on the dashboard helps you see the percentage of your time that's been allocated this week and how many hours you've already reported back.

Variance report

Analyze target and actual times

With the variance report you can see things like the number of hours reported up to now, how much work is left to do for individual elements, and whether estimates are available for the work to be completed.

End-of-year baseline project plan

Produce a well-founded summary

You can produce an end-of-year baseline project plan to compare the current project status with the original plans stored in the system. The comparison is shown in both table form and as graphical charts.

Integrated project reporting

How to generate individual reports in real time with integrated project reporting

Project environment analysis PUMA is indispensable

Why a project environment analysis is indispensable

Real-time project reporting and reporting

What risk analysis methods you should know

From now on, every project will be a successful project!

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