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Financial and budget management

Stop project budgets spiraling out of control

Budget management: plan and manage
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Finance and budget management: Finanzen_Grafik

More features

Budget / Costs

Analyze budgets from the cost perspective

The "Budget / Costs" function shows you the individual cost items for one or more projects in a configurable view.

Budget / effort

Budget project effort

The "Budget / Effort" function shows you the time your staff need as a sum of money, making it easier for you to compare it with the planned budget.

Allocate budgets to a project

Store projects together with budgets

You can allocate several budgets to each project and group them by resources and finances. You can also define budgets for departments, resources and employees.

Correctly estimate and allocate budget resources

Read how to properly estimate and allocate funds for the project

Budget planning and control in complex projects

Learn everything about budget planning and control in complex projects

Keeping project costs under control

Keeping project costs under control


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