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Project management

Now you can say goodbye to planning errors, capacity bottlenecks and missed deadlines

Project Planning with blur: Gantt Chart
Project Management: AI Report

More than 50 algorithms

Watermodel to check the feasibility of planning

Traffic light system for risk display

Project Management: Gantt_hybrid

More features

Personal to-do list

Always know what's coming up next

The intelligent to-do list gives you an attractive and clearly structured graphical chart showing you which tasks are coming up next and how your workload is looking.

Project status report

All project details at a glance

The project status report automatically summarizes all the key info and details of your projects and gives you a clear overview of everything - from subprojects to project phases, work packages and milestones.

AI analysis

Detect and solve problems in good time
The AI analysis checks a huge range of parameters in your projects, as well as conflicting objects, to see if any problems are lurking and tells you whether you should intervene.

Target/actual analysis

Compare current project and baseline plan

You can use the target/actual analysis to compare the last baseline plan with the current project plan to spot changes and gain insight.

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• Realistic planning
• Project management

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Product data sheets Project management
Project management methods

Read more about the most important project management methods

Staffing in the consulting business
Topic Sheet

Efficient staffing in the consulting business

Hybrid project management with JIRA and Can Do

Learn more about hybrid project management with Can Do and Jira

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