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Resource and skill management

Put together your dream team in no time

Main Feature 1_Roles & Skill-based RM_Capacity Analysis

Overview of roles and skills

Strategically oriented personnel planning and further training

Current and future utilization clearly in mind

Time saving with the Staffer from Can Do
Enterprise-wide Ressourcemanagement

More features

My team's tasks

Manage teams efficiently

With the "My team's tasks" function, you always know what your team members are working on and how their workload looks. That helps you detect overloads in good time and take corrective action.

Skills in my department

Quick overview of skills

The "Skills in my department" function gives you a quick and easy overview of the skills your staff are bringing to your department so you can see which skills are most in demand. That makes it easier for you to plan with the available resources.

Approve vacation requests

Manage vacation time centrally

The "Approve vacation" function enables you to manage and approve vacation requests. It also shows you if a vacation conflicts with a project.

Individual entrepreneurship

Manage your own career
Armed with the knowledge of which skills are currently in strong demand and which will be needed in the future, you can take the initiative to plan targeted training programs.
Team management in project management

Learn what you should take into account when putting together your team


Learn more about successful skill management

Can Do Video Skill Management and Resource Management

Take a look at how our resource management works

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