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HS Genion depends on the project management software of Can Do

• Multi-project management with comprehensive resource planning
• Vehicle system developer convinced by ease of use
• First customer from the automotive industry

The automotive business HS Genion relies on the project management software of Can Do Project Intelligence. In future, the developer and manufacturer of movable components and vehicle systems will control the planning and implementation of complex customer projects with the software of the Munich based Can Do GmbH.

HS Genion can arrange the supply to European automotive industry customers more efficiently and precisely by means of the consistent application of the planning tools that Can Do offers. In the search for high-performance software, the intelligent resource planning with permanent capacity balance convinced the company headquartered in Gilching in Munich. “It was important to us that the software has the ability to co-ordinate several projects that take place simultaneously in different locations, in which numerous companies can be involved.” Paul Regauer, head of Project Management at HS Genion said. As a result of the optimised use of resources, a return on investment (ROI) is possible within a relatively short period of time. Beyond that, the software of Can Do offers further technical features like risk management and an integrated time registration system.

The high usability of the program played a big role in the decision-making for Can Do. “Amongst other things, modern project planning software has to be measured by how quick to it is to learn and easy it is to use”, Paul Regauer emphasised.

Thomas Schlereth, Managing Director of Can Do GmbH, said, “Through HS Genion, we have gained a customer from a highly technological automotive industry for the first time. It reflects the efficiency and the innovation potential that our project management software has.”

About HS Genion
HS Genion is a developer and producer of movable components and vehicle systems. The enterprise acts as a system partner for the European automotive industry in the areas of aerodynamics, cargo-management and linkage cover. As a strategic partner, HS Genion, with approximately 140 employees in three locations in Germany has been a system supplier for movable modules and components for many years. As a Full-Service-Supplier and with emphasis on the automotive sector, HS Genion GmbH offers their international customers innovative complete solutions on all process phases – from the idea to the concept up to the production of technically demanding products. The core areas of expertise are: aerodynamics, convertible components, cargo-management, comfort and lifestyle.

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