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How to seamlessly integrate agile methods into your enterprise-wide project and resource management

Hybrid project management with Can Do

Real-life project management is neither traditional nor agile – it’s hybrid, as a recent study has shown Status Quo Agile 2016/2017. In other words, most project teams decide how they will implement their project – agile, traditional or hybrid – depending on the situation. That’s good for the project at hand but can often be problematic for cross-project resource management, as well as for portfolio management.

This is because agile methods are difficult to integrate into enterprise-wide planning solutions – especially if people are working exclusively with agile methods, as is often the case in software development and IT departments.

As people in these two areas are often involved in cross-departmental projects, it’s difficult for project managers to see when IT or development will be delivering their part of the project. They need information about the status and progress of the work packages or phases; the capacity requirements to date and in the future; and whether completed tasks can be billed. It’s fatal for cross-department resource management if there’s no way for managers to track contributions by key departments like development and IT. From the other perspective, agile teams insist on working in their usual way and with the usual tools – mostly JIRA. And companies refuse to enter the data twice – quite rightly.

Can Do has developed a solution for exactly this scenario – an interface to JIRA. This enables enterprise-wide resource management while giving project managers the visibility they need to run their projects. And agile teams can continue to work with JIRA.

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