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International Machine- and Plant Constructor Oerlikon Barmag plans with Can Do

Innovative project management software Can Do Project Intelligence enables for a realistic planning with – as usual – imprecise specifications at the initial stage of a project and makes a significant contribution to raise the efficiency at Oerlikon Barmag.

When it comes to the project planning, the worldwide operating machine- and plant constructor Oerlikon Barmag, Remscheid trusts in the software by Can Do. Oerlikon Barmag´s in-house project group, who does, besides the manufacturing, also undertake the planning and implementation of the spinning plants and texturizing machines for the international customers, hence focuses on an innovative planning-tool featuring extensive functionality and easy handling.

Oerlikon Barmag is the international market leader in the manufacture of spinning plants for nylon, polyester, and polypropylene and provides its customers all-in-one solutions from the development through to the process optimization. In order to achieve an efficient planning and implementation of the complex projects, Oerlikon Barmag decided to go for the multi-project management software by Can Do. „Can Do Project Intelligence allows for a better planning of projects, provides for more efficiency in the work flow and enables an intelligent resource planning – and all of this in real time. Oerlikon Barmag plans, produces, and installs plants and machines all over the world. Therefore it´s vital for us to appoint our project teams in a most ideal way, particularly in the event of time overlaps of several projects”, says Ralf Scheidemann, Senior project manager for Oerlikon Barmag.

Owing to the interfaces to other systems, the project management software by Can Do can be smoothly integrated into the existing IT-environment. Above all, it was the option for the planning with imprecise specification that convinced Oerlikon Barmag. “More than 75 years of experience in the plant construction business and project planning taught us that projects can´t be planned down to the very last detail. That´s why we put our demand on planning software being capable of processing imprecise specifications and displaying these, even though, accurately in the project plan. With Can Do Project Intelligence, we´ve found a solution that fully complies with our requirements and enables us for a realistic and successful planning.”, the project management expert Ralf Scheidemann points up. Despite its multitude of functions, the software by Can Do has been still remaining a planning tool, which can be operated intuitively and understood easily.

About Oerlikon Barmag:
Oerlikon Barmag, a branch of Oerlikon Textile GmbH & Co. KG with branches in Remscheid, Chemnitz, Wuxi, and Suzhou (both PR China) was founded as Barmag AG in 1922. The company is deemed to be the international market leader in the field of spinning plants for synthetic fibres such as polyester, nylon, and polypropylene, as well as texturizing machines and acts as service provider in the field of engineering, thus offers solutions along the textile value creation chain. Core competencies comprise as well the manufacture of corresponding components for the production of synthetic fibres such as extruders, bobbins, pumps, and godets. With the extension of the product range by poly-condensation plants and their key component, the company now projects the entire process from the monomer to the texturized yarn.
The main markets for Oerlikon Barmag are Asia, and at this point in particular China and India, as well as the Mid East and Europe. According to that, the company with its 1700 employees has a worldwide presence in 120 countries and operates manufacturing-, distribution-, and service organizations within the network of Oerlikon Textiles. In the Oerlikon Barmag-Technology Center – the largest one of its kind in the international sector – at the headquarters in Remscheid, well qualified engineers and technicians develop innovative and technologically leading products for the world of tomorrow.


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