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360° staff planning

Your employees have a range of skills that they use in a variety of ways in your company. They’re often involved in several projects at the same time, attending training courses, on holiday or occasionally off sick. All these factors have an influence on how you plan your current and future projects and need to be taken into account right from the outset. That way, you can be sure you always have enough of the right people with the right skills working on your projects. With its People Management platform, Can Do provides you with 360° staff planning. This ensures that the availabilities and skills of individuals, teams and departments are all interlinked. The plan’s staff selection function includes all the time constraints listed above, enabling you – for the first time – to produce a complete plan for everyone involved.

Staff assignment planning, holiday planning, training

All-inclusive planning with Can Do People Management

You use Can Do software for holiday, staff assignment and base workload planning as well as in resource planning for multi-project management. Can Do also delivers information and analyses for strategic HR planning. These ensure that your company’s corporate strategy is aligned with HR management, putting a particular focus on staff development.

Skills management, resource management

Reliable planning with the People Management platform

Can Do software able to carry out capacity planning based on the skills of your staff. This increases the efficiency of the way they are used in assignments and helps you analyse the range of skills you have available in your company, even for future requirements. Can Do skills management also covers large areas of traditional competence management, such as maintaining your skills library, career planning and skill scoring as well as linking skills to skill profiles for recruitment advertisements.

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