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PMI Munich Chapter Meeting on 22 May 2007 with Can Do GmbH

Can Do will host the next PMI Munich Chapter meeting on Tuesday, 22 May 2007 at 1800 hours in the Münchner Dorint Sofitel Hotel Bayerpost. All PMI members. as well as, friends and other interested persons are invited to attend. The meeting’s theme will center around “Innovative Project Management Software”.

This event promises to be both challenging and informative. The evening begins with a lecture on the pros and cons of using a standard project management software solution vs. an in-house developed solution. This is followed by a lecture on how to choose the optimal project management software for your business. Which procedures one can follow to determine their exact requirements and a handy check list to help narrow the selection process. The next lecture concentrates on the Best Practices of implementing a project management software solution in the work place. Lastly a real world example in presented of how one firm decided on a specific project management software, how it was implemented in the work place, some valuable Tips and Tricks are offered and most importantly, what real value it has brought the company.

The evening ends giving the participants a change to network and exchange experiences and ideas with each other.