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Can Do Software, Licensing structure

App and use case model

Can Do provides a wide range of apps that companies can use to map their increasing and changing requirements. Can Do solutions are very effective – even when they’re used on a small scale. You can acquire just the apps you need now, group them together for specific roles, and build on them step by step as your requirements grow. Our special server-client architecture enables us to tailor our applications to our customers’ use cases.

Can Do licensing structure

Can Do combines project and portfolio management with staff deployment planning (line department activities) to form a centralized, core area. Can Do differentiates here between two license types: the employee license and the manager license. A manager license includes all functionalities in the named areas. However, users do not need to use every individual license in the group they have been given. In this way, Can Do aligns with each company’s specific role definition.

All other areas are covered by a function-oriented license which can include areas like:

  • Artificial intelligence (AI)
  • Skills management
  • Team stack (team task management)
  • Demand management
  • Vacation planning
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