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Project management software to offer the greatest benefit

One of the difficulties that must be solved in the introduction of project-oriented work in companies is the diversity of project and line. While the perspective of a line organisation is usually functional and concentrated on the relevant department, “Project-oriented work means always having the overall goal in mind, without functional limits”, explains Björn Sellschopp, head of Can Do GmbH. Problems also arise when more and more employees are removed completely from their line activities in order to work on projects. The result for the departments is that “the quality of the team decreases exponentially with the number of projects”, he elaborates, whilst also calling for more intelligent approaches to project work within the organisation. “According to the current way of thinking, a project developer, a company that was purely a project organisation, would certainly be revolutionary. It would be revolutionary not because it is impossible, but because most companies today are not yet ready for something like that”, Sellschopp continues.

Ingredients for successful implementation Project work is beginning to affect everyday work more and more and, in many companies, it is the catalyst for organisational and structural changes. Companies ask themselves to what extent they should plan their activities and illustrate their processes, what the appropriate organisation should look like and which tools could help them. “In all respects, we can and want to support our customers”, says Björn Sellschopp. “Firstly, we want our project management software to be of the greatest possible benefit, and secondly we want to be in a position to make the egoistic sounding claim of ’ensuring our own high standards of quality” when a customer uses our software’”, he emphasises.

For the implementation itself, the project management expert considers it essential that the intended processes correspond to the reality of the company and that those employees who are going to work with the project management software are integrated into the introduction process early on. To sum it up, “In my opinion, the early involvement of the employees, the joint development of processes and the use of the software are the essential ingredients for success”, says Björn Sellschopp, who joined the company management of Can Do at the beginning of the year.