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RI-Solution chooses Can Do to manage projects

The German-based IT service provider RI-Solution GmbH will soon be introducing skill-based resource planning based on Can Do software. The solutions from the company Can Do, which is based in Munich, will also be used for demand management and project management.

As the full-service IT provider for the BayWa group, RI-Solution delivers consulting and system integration to support digital BayWa services. The company needs to keep pace with a constantly increasing demand for services and must coordinate its existing projects with new ones. “When we’re planning our project portfolio, we need to approach it in a structured way right from the outset,” says Dominic Mosig, the project manager carrying out the selection and implementation of the Can Do project management software.

Dominic Mosig, Multiprojectmanager
RI-Solution GmbH

“We know that the volume of requests will increase further in the next few years, which is why we decided to look at what was on the market. We chose the Can Do demand management suite to plan new projects going forward. We’ll be using it to map the entire project path – from the idea phase to project selection and prioritization and continuing through to implementation and completion.”

To ensure making the right choices, it is crucial for RI-Solution to know early on whether there is any risk of bottlenecks during the development of prioritized projects. The service provider will be able to master this challenge using the skill-based capacity analysis function in Can Do. This supports planning by interlinking the time-related availability of team members with their skills. At the click of a mouse, project planners can see when the qualified staff they require – known in the project management field as “resources” – will be available to work on the project. This procedure shows up any risks early on and the artificial intelligence in Can Do even provides initial recommendations for action. The increased visibility ensures better planning and project completion on time and on budget. This is a key element in ensuring the efficient digital transformation of the BayWa group. Additional reasons why RI-Solution chose Can Do software include audit compliance, the user-friendly apps, and the fact that it can be integrated with SAP. Its first pilot project with the software is being implemented as of May 2018.

About RI-Solution

Founded on January 1, 2002, the IT services company provides a portfolio of services and solutions worth over € 50 million. Its main customers include BayWa AG and RWA AG. The company specialises in the interests of the retail and wholesale trade and has extensive knowledge of the trading processes in the business segments of agriculture, technology, energy, construction materials, hardware stores and garden centres. RI-Solution employs more than 250 people and concentrates its resources in cross-location competence areas in Munich, Vienna and Auerbach/Vogtland. Together with its Vienna-based subsidiary, RI-Solution Data GmbH, the company tends to the needs of European customers and covers all individual IT requirements on-site.

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