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Project Office

Can Do project office

A Project Office is often used when companies want to introduce our project management software across the company. In order to consistently achieve high user acceptance as well as  a great benefit in their daily work with the Can Do software, we support our customers with a Project Office. The staff of the Project Office support the users in their daily work with the software – promptly and personally. At the same time, the Project Office is the initial point for the know-how transfer, so that after the foreseeable future comprehensive knowledge of our project management software is available in the client company itself.

Tasks of the Can Do project office:

  • fast and individual user support
  • software trainings
  • know-how transfer
  • project consulting and project management
  • point of contact for the communication with Can Do
  • project marketing

The Can Do project office consists of both employees from Can Do and employees from the customer. During the software rollout the employees of the customer acquire extensive knowledge about the software, therefor the need of consulting decreases successively. Then Can Do yields the user support to the employees of the customer step by step.

We would be delighted to get in touch with you if you would like to profit from our consulting services or if you simply want to find out more about our approach.