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Project and resource management in the Cloud

Can Do Software as a Service

Our primary focus at Can Do is on people, their capabilities and their availability. Companies use Can Do when they need to plan the deployment of staff in projects and benefit from reliable data for decision-making as well as from better project overviews and control. The software is available in the cloud (Software as a Service) and on premise. This is that the software includes:

  • Vacation planning
  • Workforce deployment planning
  • Mapping of part-time work, absences and training courses
  • Complex resource management for multi-project environments
  • Strategic staff planning
  • Powerful skills management

Can Do software has won several awards and has been certified “Made in Germany” since 2013. Can Do delivers a range of product suites with applications tailored to specific types of user and their role.

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AI and learning expert systems

Artificial intelligence

Can Do is the first provider to use artificial intelligence for people management. Can Do software comprises multiple algorithms that consolidate the profusion of data into valuable information. The best known algorithm in Can Do at the moment is probably Watermodel®. This is a dynamic procedure for capacity comparison that checks whether there is at least one way the saved resource plan can work. The algorithm takes into account planning methods with inexact data (e.g. time needed: 40-50 person days) as well as any element in the system that could impact capacity, such as people already working on a project, being on vacation, away on training or involved in line activities. No human being can perform this complex calculation without the help of software.

Risk management, advance warnings

Risk analysis with learning expert system

Another way Can Do supports people is with the implementation of a learning expert system in the risk analysis area of its software. Can Do uses this to give recommendations for action that users can follow or correct. In this way, the system is capable of learning from people. Here, too, the goal of Can Do is to support people’s work with analyses and advance warnings.

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