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budget management: Keep your Project Costs and Efforts under Control


integrated budget management
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Define, operate and monitor costs
Project budgets form an elementary part of project target definition. Budgets are equivalent to content targets and scheduling guidelines. A budget plan determines how many financial and other resources can or may be used in the implementation of a project.

Simple but powerful steering tool

The budgets are then planned and used in the real (current) project. If specific budgets are exceeded, the project management software alerts the user to this through the use of warning lights.

Characteristics of the budget management:

  • integrated budget management Project budget
    Project budgets encompass financial budgets and/or resource budgets. It is also possible to combine the two budgets with one another
  • Resource budget (work budget)
    Budgets for the department and for single staff members
  • Financial budget
    Defined financial budgets – fixed costs or variable costs – will be called up in planning and implementation
  • Departmental budgets
    Subtraction feature in frame of the assignment to specific employees of the department
  • Budgeting with item numbers
  • Budgets for cost types
    E.g. traveling expanses or software costs; it is possible to integrate current data externally via interfaces
  • Plan budgeting vs. current budgeting
    Comparison in real-time; the project leader maintains an overview of how much of the money and resources budgeted is available to him, or how much of the allocated capacity has already been used
  • Time based budgetary limits
    Divide the total budget in months or quarters; partially unused quantities of work or money can be carried over to the following time period
  • Overbooking tolerance
  • Work with realistic values
    The Can Do budget management takes the use of inaccurate or inexact values into account on all levels
  • Modern ergonomics
  • Live-Management
    All feedback and other changes to the project and budget planning are immediately taken into account in the calculations and illustrated graphically on the system 

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