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Modern Ergonomics, Dashboards and Live Management


Graphical Workspace
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In setting the ergonomics and the information architecture Can Do was geared to computer games, especially strategy games, where users can manage complex issues within a short time. Only when software is easy to learn and simply to use, it is accepted by the users and can develop its full effect.

Accordingly, the Can Do project management software provides all relevant information in a graphical user interface. Working with Gantt charts brings a variety of benefits:

    • Graphical illustration of all packages, milestones, phases and projects as well as many sub-phases

      skin, customization, colorset

      Colors of the user interface can be customized (click to enlarge)

    • Planning with a mouse click
      All objects and all links are created by mouse clicks
    • Graphical representation realistic, inaccurate time information (e.g. takes 3-5 days)
    • Free navigation of all project objects
    • Mini map
      small map simplifies the navigation
    • Graphical risk information
      Risks are presented directly in the objects in the Gantt chart
    • Define tasks & activities, aims and connect documents
    • Customized design of the user interface
      All object colors and background colors can be customized according to customer wishes and requirements


object related context menue
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Dashboards provide all key information
Dashboards contain all important information about the selected objects and thus give a quick overview. The dashboard of the Can Do project management software consists of two windows that can be placed anywhere on the user interface. In the first window central information of the project is collected; in the second window you can find core information to one or more selected objects. The following information is provided, for example:

    • Risk
      The absolute risk of the project as well as the average risk of all objects
    • Planned effort
      For planning with inaccurate, imprecise values ​​the project management software differences the maximum and the minimum total expense
    • Reported hours (time recording)
    • Progress
    • Performance
      This value expresses the efficiency of the work in the selected project as a comparison between the planned work and the hours reported so far


multilevel Information architecture
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Live management
All project information must always be up to date: No check-in and check-out of project plans and no working with different versions of project plans. The Can Do project management software follows this philosophy. Do not settle for less!

We will send you more information about our project management software and assist you in choosing a suitable solution.

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