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Strategic Project Portfolio Management


detailed planning of a not-yet released project
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The Can Do project management software enables companies to select the “right projects“ – meaning the projects that are in line with the business strategy or can be implemented in terms of financial feasibility and capacity. The project management software provides both: conventional evaluation methods (e.g. balanced scorecard method) and individual setting of priorities in user-definable fields. Bubble charts make it easy to analyze, monitor and operate project portfolios. All information are processed and presented in real time. For example, if the risk in a project changes, the bubble representing the affected project will change its position in the bubble chart immediately.


running, simulated and detailed planned projects in a portfolio
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Simulation und detailed project planning  in the portfolio
On a portfolio level Can Do offers the option of detailed planning of projects whose implementation is not yet decided. This allows to map loading curves and dynamic developments of simulated projects already in the portfolio. Especially the use and the workload of project staff is very different during a project – now this can be simulated and taken into account in the planning.

More features:

  • Support of the entire process from the collection of project ideas on the prioritization and implementation of projects to the evaluation.

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    monitoring via bubble charts
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  • Probability of a project
  • Resource and budget control in project portfolio
    Software takes into account all ongoing and planned projects in the calculations
  • Risk management at the portfolio level
  • Live management
    real-time monitoring and controlling of a project portfolio also in the graphical illustration (bubble charts)
  • Modern ergonomics
    Full graphically user interface and compilation of the project portfolio at the click of the mouse

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More features of our project management software:
project management & project planning / resource management / staffer® & resource planning / budget management / risk management / project controlling & project costs / project reporting / time recording / ergonomics