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Effective Control over your Project Costs

The Can Do project management software supports you with the following features:

  • Control labor costs and cost types


    Costs on project-, phase- and package-basis
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  • Consideration of imprecise planning in your costs
  • Integration of project costs, cost accounting, activity recording and HR management in real time via interfaces
  • Cost totals are generated for each project object
  • Risk costs (floats) taken into account
  • Cost updates through time recording

Our project management software makes your projects transparent

Project controlling with our project management software provides a number of benefits:

  • Cost overview in projects, subprojects and tasks can be accessed at any time


    illustrate differences in the project history via baselines
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  • Compare planned costs with real costs
  • Baselines
    At the beginning of the project create a “proto-version” of the project. This version serves as a reference for all progress reviews
  • Progress monitoring
    Our project management software also lets you document both: the progress of a project and an object
  • Cross-project risk management and risk management on portfolio level
  • Audit proof project history

We will send you more information about our project management software and assist you in choosing a suitable solution.

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