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Project management software

Reliable information for your project planning

You can further standardize and professionalize your project management by using an enterprise-wide software solution. In addition to optimized workforce deployment with powerful, skills-based Can Do resource management, you obtain a unified and reliable data and information base that facilitates communication as well as the coordination process. The AI-based risk management function makes your work as a project manager easier, while alerting you to situations where you need to intervene in order to execute your project in a cost-effective and successful way.

Multi-project management & skill management

Plan your projects efficiently and manage them effectively

Can Do supports your project work with role-specific apps for project planning, management and analysis – from scheduling in Gantt charts to person-, department- and skills-based resource allocation as well as reporting and active risk management.

Can Do project management offers tiles including Project Planner, Reports, Manage Risks and Capacity and provides a wide range of functions including:

  • Powerful resource management with capacity analyses and evaluations
  • Graphical planning using Gantt charts with interconnections
  • Real-time risk management
  • Working with inexact data, e.g. project start Q3 2018
  • Extensive reporting capabilities with Excel export facility
  • Advanced permission and role model
  • Project control tools, e.g. baselines
  • Coordination between project and line management

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