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Skills and capacity management

Efficient resource management

Intelligent resource management is a key part of today’s project management processes. Can Do has developed the Watermodel® algorithm – a dynamic capacity comparison procedure that’s probably unique and enables optimal staff deployment. With Can Do, you can also use realistic – and therefore inexact – values such as “time needed: 20 to 25 person days.”

Part-time work and vacations

Basic load and vacation planning

Our project management software also enables you to map work that cannot be associated with specific projects or departmental activities. It provides you with basic load planning functions that can also take part-timers and vacation time into account.

Coordination with your line organization

Resource management between project and line staff

With its Staffer® function, Can Do integrates the line organization in its project management software and facilitates the coordination process between line and project staff when you’re planning resources.

Integrated timesheet and risk management functions

Additional resource management functions:

  • Live management
  • All project data, including feedback from the integrated timesheet function, is included in the capacity calculations
  • Covers everything from rough planning on the department level through to exact employee planning
  • Permanent comparison of target and actual figures
  • Realistic mapping of departments and projects

  • Integrated timesheet and progress monitoring functions
  • Skills management
  • Integrated project communications
  • Risk management function warns you of overloaded departments, skills and staff

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