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Project Risks: the Software Warns, the Project Manager Decides


risk messages for different risk types
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Project experience flows into the risk calculation
The Can Do project management software lets you immediately identify areas where problems arise. A traffic light system displays risks, enabling you to analyze the situation in real time. These risks express the probability of how realistic the planning is. In an information window, the user will find more information about the risks displayed on the screen.

A key functionality of our project management software is the ability to work with realistic, imprecise values. These options not only limit the status of a project to the fundamental question of “is it working or not”, but you can also establish gray zones, just like those that exist in a real-life project.


Working with floats
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The knowledge and experience of a project manager must necessarily be included in the project planning. The same applies to risk management, where the project manager may place risk floats for work packages or phases of the project, which reflect his personal assessment of the project’s progress. The software also takes those floats into account in its risk calculations.



More features:

  • traffic light system displays risks, enabling you to analyze the situation in real time
  • The software always calculates the likelihood of whether or not planning will be carried out
  • Floats represent risks and a time dynamic between linked job steps
  • Planning risks will be graphically displayed e.g. critical path or connection risks
  • The project management software displays overloads incl. the size of the congestion
  • Cross-project risk management
  • Risk management for project portfolios

We will send you more information about our project management software and assist you in choosing a suitable solution.

More features of our project management software:
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