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Avoid overworking your staff

and make them fit for the future!

Resource management, capacity planning, skill management

Do your people have the right skills?

The demands for workforce skills have never changed so fast. Two third of today’s schoolchildren will go on to work in professions that don’t even exist yet. But what are the skills that will be in demand in ten years’ time? With collaboration in distributed teams that are no longer rigidly anchored to one location, the important thing is to maintain an overview of your projects and assign enough of the right staff with the required skills to them. That’s why Can Do has added a major dimension to its resource planning: skills.

The software checks

  • whether specific employees have any free capacity
  • whether there are enough people with the right skills to complete certain tasks.

These two aspects are interlinked automatically and show you exactly which employees are both available and have the right skill set for a specific project. After all, just because someone belongs to a certain team doesn’t necessarily mean they are able to carry out specific tasks within a project.

Planning based on inexact data – a contradiction?

Even in the area of skill-based resource management, project leaders, project managers and resource managers can work with realistic – and therefore inexact – data and values. The software shows you the risk of possible overload or other planning risks in real time and displays relevant warnings. The combination of skills and availabilities enables you to find the right specialists for your project and assign them to it with a mouse click.

Your staff can have their say!

You store and manage the skills in a skill library. As part of your employee retention efforts, you can give your staff a say in the prioritisation of their skills, enabling them to tell you what they are especially good at and the things they like doing or are interested in. Further training should be aligned with the employee’s personal interests, as well as to the company’s strategic development. You can then decide how to fill any gaps between the skills available now and the capabilities required for the future.

Can Do skill management also covers broad areas of traditional competence management

  • maintaining the skill library
  • career planning
  • skill scoring
  • linking skills to skill profiles for job advertisements

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