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Can Do technology

AI – the learning expert systems

Using complex algorithms, Can Do technology assists people to have an easy every day project life.

The artificial intelligence from Can Do will support people in multiple areas of their everyday work – not replace them. The software learns from the estimates, decisions and corrections of its users for questions relating to project selection, priorities and resources as well as skill and risk management, then uses this information to produce analyses and recommendations for future plans. It’s a learning process between the user and the software that benefits both sides. That’s because it will eventually integrate the users’ expertise from successful plans and make it available to all staff. It provides recommendations for action based on templates that have been proven multiple times over, giving users tips to help them plan in a goal-oriented way.


  • Overview of complex situations
  • Time savings when analyzing risk situations
  • reducing of error rates
  • …when selecting the right projects
  • …when estimating risks
  • …when selecting the right employees.

Everyone involved in planning gets the opportunity to make faster and better-quality decisions supported by a knowledge base of good planning.


  • Enables fast and targeted intervention
  • Enables better-quality decisions supported by a knowledge base of good planning
  • Reduces costs and frees up time for other important project tasks

Planning based on what you know

Angaben wie "Beginn Juli 2019", "Aufwand 30-35 PT" oder "Meilenstein in KW 36" gehören zum Projektalltag. Je weiter wir in die Zukunft schauen, desto ungenauer ist unser Kenntnisstand. Warum sollte ein System Sie zwingen dürfen, exakte Werte einzugeben, die heute noch nicht bekannt sind? Can Do ermöglicht Ihnen, mit ungenauen Werten, wie oben aufgeführt, zu arbeiten. Dies macht Ihre Planung realistischer und vertrauenswürdiger.


  • Credibility and confidence in the plan
  • Fewer corrections to the plan
  • Manual adjustments unnecessary (e.g. adding buffers)
  • Realistic information


  • High user acceptance and adoption level
  • Minimizes effort and cost
  • Realistic risk management
  • Reliable basis for better decisions

Can Do Watermodel® – Dynamic Capacity Equalization

In order to get the best possible deployment of your staff, the Watermodel® analyzes the entire workload situation based on how people work together dynamically with no need for a fixed period of time. The Watermodel algorithm verifies the plan’s feasibility.


  • Avoids excessive workloads
  • Optimizes staff deployment
  • Enables team members to organize their own time


  • Increases employee satisfaction
  • Boosts cost efficiency
  • Enables increased agility and flexibility across your organization