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Staff deployment planning, resource pool

At last there’s planning software for departments!

As a manager, you need to ensure that your area of responsibility delivers the contribution required of it. Increasingly often, you also need to supply your staff to cross-departmental projects – and that can lead to resource conflicts. Can Do capacity planning resolves this challenge for you, because it includes all line tasks and project activities based on a central resource pool.

Deployment planning and capacity analyses

The more information about staff and department workloads that flows into the software, the better able it is to analyze the current situation precisely and simulate future scenarios. This is why Can Do has designed its staff deployment planning module as part of an overall resource and capacity management solution. It offers tiles including My Team’s Work, Deployment Planning, and Capacity, giving you a clear overview of the tasks and workloads of the staff in your area of responsibility.

  • Deployment planning app is for planning and managing recurring activities like base load, service and maintenance.
  • My Team’s Work app lists the activities of the department’s staff along with the time planned for each one
  • Capacity app provides a detailed analysis of the workload situation of the department and individual staff members

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