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Staff Suite

Many companies that have adopted agile working methods encourage staff to take responsibility for themselves and plan their own activities. Upon request, Can Do will provide you with this option for self-organization for the staff overview.

Staff overview: all activities at a glance

Self-management with tasks and timesheets at a glance

The more actively your staff use the software, the more beneficial it will be. Entering actual figures is extremely useful in people management software that is used to plan projects. Can Do has designed a personal employee dashboard to make it easier for staff to generate this information and ensure a high rate of usage.

Employee dashboard and timesheet

Me tile and timesheet in Can Do

The Can Do staff suite comprises the Me tile as well as a time tracking tile. Clicking on the Me tile shows the user their personal dashboard with an overview of their tasks and activities, along with a simple timesheet function. Staff also have an easy-to-use timesheet app that makes it easy for them to enter their hours worked, even for long periods of time.