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The Can Do App Model

Can Do is a collection of apps that help you deploy your staff effectively and efficiently. The apps can be tailored to your company’s individual use cases. The wide range of apps helps you ensure you can respond quickly and flexibly to changing business conditions. You simply buy the apps you need: select those you require for a specific role and gradually expand their use whenever you need to.

High level of user satisfaction due to ease of use and obvious personal benefit!


  • Minimal need for training and high level of user acceptance with apps that are easy to learn and put to to use immediately
  • Intuitive usability ensures a high level of usage
  • Role-specific apps make it easy for people to get started
  • Step-by-step rollout possible due to modular structure and app model
  • Ongoing development of existing and new apps
  • Dashboard shows information relevant to each user


  • Low initiation costs and easy rollout
  • Faster ROI as benefits are achieved quickly
  • No time-consuming and expensive changeover process
  • Needs-oriented and cost-effective rollout
  • Future-proof investment
  • More time and control over project tasks