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The Can Do Vacation Planner

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Integrate your holiday planning into your work and resource management

From the capacity-related point of view, holiday planning is the company’s biggest project. On average, every eighth workday is a vacation day, so 13% of the firm’s available capacity is taken up by vacation. If your holiday planning isn’t integrated into your capacity planning, you’ll find it has serious consequences for project work as well as on a departmental level. After all, critical major projects may be at risk if key bottleneck resources are away on holiday. Can Do resolves this issue with an integrated holiday planner that meets all your requirements for requesting and approving vacation time.

But that’s not all. The Can Do holiday planner gives you a 360° view of your staff’s and department’s workloads and warns you of any capacity risks due to vacations. The Can Do holiday planner looks at the planned vacation of your entire workforce as well as of each individual member of staff. It matches these with all other activities, including project work and department-related tasks. This applies to portfolio planning, individual project planning in a multi-project environment, and activity planning in each department.

You’ll always be using the right staff. That much is certain!

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The Can Do holiday planner offers you a wealth of functions to make your life easier. Employees can request vacation time with a few clicks and their request is automatically transferred to their manager. Plus: the solution runs a full check for possible conflicts – and even gives users an overview of their holiday account as well as the overall holiday planning of their department. The Can Do tool is comprised of several role-specific tiles – so the user sees a tile called My Vacation Calendar, another called Request Vacation, and a third called Information Calendar. Managers who need to approve or refuse a holiday request also see a tile called Approve Holiday, a Public Holiday Calendar and a Year Plan overview. You can configure the Can Do vacation planner in the administration section.


Employees can request vacations online with a few clicks. They can see an overview of the number of vacation days they have left and the number of days required for the period of their holiday – because the tool takes weekends and public holidays into account. They can also see how many vacation days they will have left after completing this request. The solution even offers full differentiation between the various types of holiday your company offers, such as recreational, educational or special leave. Your people can also see whether their holiday plans are likely to cause a conflict in other projects they’re involved in. All they need to do is just click and analyze them. The only requirement is that these projects have been stored in the Can Do system. The employees’ vacation days are highlighted at the relevant place in their Vacation Calendar tile.


Managers can view the vacation requests of their staff in their Approve Vacation tile. They see the period in which the requested holiday falls, the number of vacation days required, and the employee’s remaining holiday for the current year. Managers can also check whether the requested vacation will cause bottlenecks within the company-wide capacity plan. Department managers can view all the vacation taken, requested and approved for all staff in the area they are responsible for. Once a vacation request has been approved, the solution automatically deducts the relevant number of days from the employee’s vacation account.


The Annual Planning app shows all vacation details for every member of staff in a department – covering requested, approved and remaining vacation as well as the days they have already taken. That gives managers a clear overview of upcoming vacation in their department, who is on holiday and when, and how many remaining vacation days per person – and across the department – need to be taken into account in capacity analyses.


Along with the public holidays for your location, Can Do’s comprehensive calendar shows you school holidays and any other days when your company is closed or people are absent. These can be tailored to your own company’s requirements.