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Webinar: Strategic Portfolio Planning with Realistic Resource Management

  • Free webinar at 14.00 h on 9 April
  • Practical examples from the new version of Can Do’s project management software

The project management solutions provider Can Do invites you to participate in the free webinar “Strategic Portfolio Planning with Realistic Resource Management”. The webinar will take place on 9 April at 14h00, and is aimed at project managers, programme and portfolio directors, and employees of PMOs (Project Management Offices). During this event, the managing director of Can Do, Thomas Schlereth, will explain the link between the planning of a project portfolio and realistic capacity planning in terms of company resources. He will also introduce some best practices.

Project portfolios are dynamic entities made up of running projects, planned projects for which the decision for implementation has already been made, and planned projects that have not yet been given the go-ahead. In strategic portfolio planning, a company prioritises its projects: It is mandatory that the most important projects – the so-called A Projects – be realised by a specific deadline, as is the case with the implementation of statutory requirements or customer projects, for example. On the other hand, B Projects may or may not be realised, depending on whether sufficient finances and resources are available at the time. Therefore they are included in the portfolio after the planned and approved A Projects, and are timed in such a way as not to interfere with the most important projects. Within this context, C Projects are shown as optional undertakings. Project portfolios, in addition to containing already planned undertakings and undertakings that are of a purely intentional nature also contain currently running projects to which employees are already bound. Therefore, the linking of the portfolio with realistic and holistic resource management is of fundamental significance. Furthermore, intelligent portfolio planning also needs to consider that the resource input is not constant throughout a project. A portfolio simulation that provides for linear distribution will uncover considerably weak areas that could lead to the failure of individual projects.

Within the scope of his specialist presentation, Thomas Schlereth, managing director of Can Do, will demonstrate what strategic project portfolio planning of this kind could look like in practice, based on realistic, comprehensive resource management. He will also explain these examples with the new version of the Can Do project management software – a solution that offers a large number of new functions in the area of project portfolio management.

The webinar, which will be conducted in English, is free of charge and will take place on Wednesday, 9 April 2014, at 14h00. Here you will find further information on the webinar “Strategic Portfolio Planning with Realistic Resource Management” and have the opportunity to register.