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12.04.2024  | 3 min

Superintelligence: artificial intelligence must humanize

Artificial Intelligence (AI) aims to replicate the human brain with artificial neural networks and learn how we humans [...]
23.02.2022  | 4 min

Resource & skill management -  what are the differences?

Whether using agile or classic methods, each of your projects can only be as good as the people who work on it. So why [...]
08.04.2021  | 4 min

Five tips for Jira pros

"Projects in balance": This is what Can Do achieves with hybrid project management. The project management level works [...]
29.03.2021  | 3 min

What is already possible with AI nowadays

For older people, it is one of the most ominous technologies in science fiction - for younger people, it is primarily a [...]
06.11.2020  | 4 min

What do you have to think about to create project plans correctly?

"Planning projects in Excel? Who does that?" In fact, many more project managers than you might think ... It is not [...]
06.11.2020  | 3 min

The right team communication for effective cooperation

No matter what business your company is in - talking to each other is certainly part of your daily business. Whether it [...]
06.11.2020  | 5 min

Time management methods - How to increase your efficiency

"I really don't have time now!" How often do we say or hear that? But is it true? Do we really have no time so often - [...]
06.11.2020  | 6 min

Agile planning of resources and capacities - (how) is that possible?

IT companies in particular have it easy when it comes to project portfolio management - one might think so. After all, [...]
06.11.2020  | 6 min

COVID-19: Make your project portfolio crisis-proof! We present the zero-based project prioritization as a solution

"Making the best out of it": In Corona times, this is an empty phrase for many - but for responsible project portfolio [...]