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Multiple skill combinations with Can Do

Conny Düran
17.01.2024 | 2 min reading time

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In the fast-paced realm of project management, effective resource planning is a linchpin for success. What unlocks this success? A deep understanding of your team members' varied skills and the ability to synergize them. This blog post delves into how leveraging skills and their combinations in resource planning can make all the difference between triumph and failure.

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What are skills in resource planning?

Skills represent the unique set of abilities and knowledge that team members contribute to a project. These can range from technical competencies and soft skills to specialized industry expertise. In Can Do's approach to resource planning, the emphasis is not only on assigning individuals to projects but also on identifying and strategically leveraging skills across the entire organization.

The importance of combining skills

The proper mix of skills can drive a project forward. A team equipped with robust technical expertise and excellent communication skills is often more effective than a team with a singular talent focus. This combination fosters innovation, problem-solving, and effective team communication, injecting more drive and quality into your projects.

Tools for resource planning

Digital tools such as the advanced resource management software Can Do can be highly beneficial. They enable the categorization of skills, monitoring of availabilities, and the formation of teams based on project requirements. An essential aspect is the evaluation of skill capacities and potential combinations, providing the opportunity to optimally allocate available resources.


Challenges and best practices

Resource planning comes with its set of challenges, including the discovery of hidden talents and the delicate balance of teams. Adopting best practices, such as regular skills audits and flexible team structures, proves beneficial in overcoming these hurdles. Additionally, leveraging AI support, as offered by Can Do, can greatly simplify resource planning and management.

Future trends in resource planning

As the world undergoes constant change, so do the skills in demand in the workforce. Stay attuned to the latest trends such as AI, remote work, and interdisciplinary skills. The more comprehensively you catalog skills and strategically plan for skill development (e.g., through courses and training), the more effectively you can address the challenges of future projects. Promoting and nurturing skills that will be valuable in the future is a key aspect of effective resource planning!



The effective use of skills and their combinations in resource planning is an art that requires learning and refinement. It's about recognizing your team's strengths and combining them in ways that complement and enhance each other. By employing the right techniques and tools, you can elevate your project management to new heights. As projects scale up and the overall portfolio expands, it becomes more challenging to identify, cultivate, and deploy all available skills within the organization. This is where Artificial Intelligence proves invaluable, helping maintain an overview and distribute skills seamlessly across the company, spanning departments.

Conny Düran
Written by

Conny Düran

Conny Düran is Head of Customer Service and Support at Can Do. She is therefore very close to the challenges of the prospective customers and the everyday project work of the users. In the Can Do blog, Conny writes about features of our software that are particularly popular with users.